things i find funny.

23.1.12 | |

mimi ochun's mark rothko cookies. heh.

we didn't need a real story; we didn't need a real world.

12.12.11 | |

I miss this blog. I'mma start posting again.

above is some stellar painting/sketching by ydk morimoe. most of it is a little to graphic for my taste, but i love the look of his painting.

cheers to my 100th post.

3.10.11 | |

if i could celebrate with real sparklers, i would. for now, pictures (by mary wells & tom oliver, respectively) will suffice.


28.9.11 | |

great geometric pieces found on etsy. i feel like one would look really nice in my living room. what holiday is coming up that can i give myself a present for?

i've been lacking.

| |

oops. i'm back, though. here are some lovely matthew brandt works to welcome you back.

think anchor deep.

30.8.11 | |

my being away for the past two weeks was due to sorority rush. i figured this print from blacklist studio was perfect.

speaking of...

12.8.11 | |

home decor, how cute would these lightbulbs by eric thurner be? diamonds are a girls best friend.

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